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Post-Merger Integration


Merger two Sales Teams, post-acquisition, it is undoubtedly a challenging prospect. We at Direct Link Consulting gather experience and working methods to act on the key success factors, maximizing the gains from integration of Sales Teams, and reducing the risks involved.


In the process of Post-Merger Integration of two Sales Teams present several crucial issues:

  • How can we ensure that we are incorporating the key success factors for post-merger integration?
  • What functions should be integrated quickly, and how we focus on the realization of synergies?
  • How can we integrate two different cultures and dealing with conflicts between them?
  • How can we retain key talent during and after the integration process?
  • How do we keep employees focused on business and customers during the integration process?


Successful integration of Sales Teams, behind this process have a good Plan Post-Merger Integration. Carefully prepared, with proper positioning and complete, professional performance from the beginning to the end of the entire cycle, incorporating the strategies, priorities, mobilizing resources and capture the synergies involved in integrating the Sales Teams (cost savings, increased revenues and process improvement).


Integrating the Sales Teams, the first commandment is: There will be no disruption to customers. To accomplish this goal, and achieving Goals Sales for the first quarter after the merger of Sales Teams, it is necessary to develop a work plan that addresses the definition of Operation New Format, as well as the first 100 days of operation the new Sales Team, allowing it to position the new role of the Sales Team, with the new Organizational Guidelines.




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The Direct Link Consulting on Innovation & Growth Team Sales, includes the following dimensions:

Sales Strategy
  • Alignment of the Shares of Sales and Marketing with Corporate Strategy
  • Definition of strategies for different types of Sales Channels
  • Customer Segmentation and Market Coverage
Organizational structure
  • New Organization Chart and Subordination
  • Establishing Linkages and Mechanisms of Alignment
  • Identification of Cultural and Political Barriers and their implications
Portfolio Management and Performance Metrics
  • Division of Portfolio and Areas
  • Establish rules for provisional operating joint accounts
  • Definition of Customer Programs to Customers
  • Establish Model Compensation for New Team
Sales Operations
  • Methodologies Sales Management, forecasting and sales funnel
  • Architecture of Sales Channels
  • Lead generation and distribution within the Sales Team
  • Model Development of Proposals
  • Pricing Policies and Pricing Management, including bidding
  • Development of contracts, including Terms and Conditions
  • Promotions and Sales Incentive Programs
  • Support post-sales and Customer Service
  • Customer Relationship (CRM) and IT Applications

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